Skills & Expertise

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TRUST repaired and saved the round leg of this antique sofa after it snapped in half.

A cut foot of chair has been fixed.

The ruined part of arm had been cut and glued with new wood.

An entirely ruined arm has been fixed with all new woods.

A ruined antique chair turned beautiful.

Process of repairing 200 year-old chaise lounge.

This Chaise Lounge is about 200 years old. The structure of this furniture is very unique. The bottom perimeter of frame is made out of wood but the rest is iron rod. The manufacturer put several of 1" diameter iron rod poles into the wood base (vertically) and connected those poles with 1/2" diameter iron rod to create a curved shape.
The condition of bottom wood frame was devastatingly destroyed that all the iron poles were wobbling and really unstable. We had to add wood frame and glue the frame to stabilize so that it can be upholstered.
All of the areas with the iron frames, including tuftings, were precisely and artistically hand sewed and finished by TRUST.

Antique Restoration